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Experience great betting and gambling at 3King

The most famous online casino Singapore is 3king which has been proven to be the most trusted casino site which offers a player something more than just gambling there is a team that works their best to bring comfort, best gambling experience and easy access to the deposit and withdrawal.

A player can really enjoy the online slot games on the desktops and mobile anywhere a player goes and it brings some money to your account at the same time. With having more than 400 slot games that are available on the 3King a person is guaranteed the rewarding experience of gaming. Online live casino games where a person can utilize the world’s most advanced graphics technology to recreate the true live gambling experience online. This sort of casino games is fully equipped with the real sexy dealers to serve a person with nothing but the best. One can really enjoy the online live blackjack, online live poker and yeah some more games only at the 3King.

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The process of deposition:

  • Just click on the “register now” and fill in the personal information accordingly with each column.
  • There is a requirement to have the minimum deposits which is a baseline requirement to have for the account opening. The smallest amount of the SGD30 must be initially deposited in the company’s bank account from your own working banking account.
  • Once that the fund gets deposited, visit the “Deposit” section of the 3King account and send a notice to the team.
  • The amount that is deposited will be paid to the main wallet
  • You can transfer the fund from the mail wallet to your selected product wallet.
  • It gets too easy to have fun with games at the site.

The supported currency is SGD- Singapore Dollar and there is a main wallet and product wallet. The first deposit is made in the main wallet which can be used to place a bet on the game which involves simple withdrawal or transfers the funds betting transactions.

There is another wallet by the name of product wallet which is available for the betting purpose for the following game products respectively:

  • Live casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Slot games
  • 4D lottery

Each and every member will be able to make the transfer fund from the main wallet to any of the selected product wallet or from the product wallet to any other product wallet.

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